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6 Steps to Generate Amazing YouTube Channel Name Ideas

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An amazing YouTube channel name is an important aspect of your business as a YouTuber. It is the glue that puts the YOU to your TUBE “YouTube” and helps to speak your identity as a brand. As a matter of fact, your YouTube channel name is what catches people’s attention first before your content does.

However, we both know that generating a perfect YouTube channel name can be a very daunting task.

A task that can take you days and weeks without yielding any positive results in the end. This is owing to the fact that there are over a million YouTubers and a high chance of the name in your head to have been taken.

Simply sit through this blog post, while I unravel the 6 steps you can take to help you generate a sticky and memorable YouTube channel name. A name you’ll use for as long as year 3001 (when UFO’s finally decide to come to take over the world) Lol.


STEP 1: Consider What the Overall Outlook of Your Channel will be.

If you plan on branding yourself or your lifestyle as the topic of your channel, you can simply use your first and last name as your YouTube channel name (if they are simple and easy to remember).

The benefit of using your first and last name as your channel name is simply because it helps you build a real estate around your name which doesn’t change even if you change your brand or niche.

See, for example, Tony Robbins, Casey Neistat, Marie Forleo, Gary Vaynerchuk and many others. These popular YouTubers use their first and last name as their YouTube channel name and they have been a thriving force for years now. But if you plan on promoting your business, just use your business name as your channel name.

You can also do a hybrid name generating process if your channel’s focus will be based on your niche and not you. simply merge any part of your name and niche to form a one-word name. A popular vlogger who got his name using this method is, Dominic Panganiban — a Filipino American flash comic animator who named his channel “Domics”. He did a satirical combination of part of his first name “Dominic” with his niche “Comics” to produce “Domics”.

Isn’t that rather creative?


STEP 2: Tap into the world of Rhyme, Pun and Word Play

Aside from using the overall outlook of your channel as a yardstick for generating beautiful YouTube channel name ideas, you can also use rhymes, pun or wordplay to create cool and funky names.

Take as an example, “ShamelessMaya” a vlogger who vlogs about her life and daily activities “shamelessly”. She merges her name “Maya” with the activity she does most (vlogging “shamelessly”). With a name like this, viewers will be piqued to know why she’s shameless and in turn, it will bring her more subscribers.

Another YouTuber is “JENerationDIY” who created her YouTube channel name using wordplay and rhyme. She simply takes “JEN” from her real name Jennifer and merges it with “eration” plus her niche “DIY” to form “JENerationDIY”.

Hold on now… Don’t get too excited yet cos we are just getting started.


STEP 3: Avoid Using Numbers

Avoid Using Numbers

You might want to consider adding numbers to your name (BeautyWithBrittany75) because someone else has taken the unique variant. Please don’t. Adding numbers to your channel name will only make it look auto-generated (like an email address) and unprofessional.

It might also end up confusing people who want to search for you because if you are to say your name over a podcast, live event or verbally (“BeautyWithBrittany75”) they might be wondering if the “75” is to be written numerically or spelled out as “seventy-five” which is quite confusing.

However, you can use numbers if it has a strong relationship with your brand’s identity. For example, “5-Minute crafts”. This is a YouTube channel whose number is self-explanatory and has a lot to do with the brand.


STEP 4: Model the Experts

Model the Expert Vloggers

You can as well model the experts in the vlogging game. Check how they coined their names and what makes it stand out. What catches your fancy about their name. Is it how they juxtapose the words that make up the name, how they spelled it or what part of speech they used in modifying their name.

Because they are experts in their field, they can serve as a resource of knowledge for you. With their level of knowledge and expertise, you can get an insight into how to generate amazing YouTube channel name ideas for yourself using them as a guide or framework.


STEP 5: You can ask family and friends for help or refer to Youtube Name Generators

  1. The Dictionary

The good old dictionary is a resource that contains a truckload of words and can provide you with suitable channel names. Simply write down the names coming into your head or the ones you have successfully modeled from the experts in your niche. Look up its meaning and synonyms in the dictionary. Write down these synonyms and brainstorm on the one that suits you and your brand best.

  1. Family and Friends

Most people get their nicknames from family or friends and it becomes a huge part of them for life. Therefore, if you are still finding it hard to find a suitable YouTube channel name, simply ask your family and friends for help. Let them help you generate a name for your YouTube channel since they know you and might probably be in the best place to give you an amazing and sticky name.

  1. YouTube name generating tools


This is a tool that helps you generate different channel names by allowing you to combine various popular keywords with your name; words that characterize you and your overall personality. All you have to do is to type your favorite keywords into the search box and click the spin button. Clicking the spin button helps to generate a variety of random names you can pick from.

The best part is, you can click the spin button as many times as you like. It also provides an avenue for personalized name suggestions by using either your character, hobbies or numbers.


You can also use the Quizony app to generate fun personality quizzes about yourself. These quiz questions come in different categories and options to help you understand yourself from different perspectives. Your answers to these questions tell what the app will generate concerning you. You can use the answers you get to frame a channel name for yourself.


STEP 6: Time to make the final decision

Since you’ve successfully gone through the steps listed above and have been able to generate a truck load of YouTube channel name ideas, it’s time to do you. Simply tweak and combine the words you’ve gotten, mix them together in a creative and funky manner. There’s really no laid down rules or principle as to how YouTube channel names are generated, it is purely an open field for everyone.

Therefore, endeavour to tweak and mix as many words as you can till you get a desirable name that fits your brand and personality. Let your mind wander as far as it can without being restricted by any rules.



Simple, Clear and Short

Rather than coming up with an extremely long name that will be difficult for people to spell or read, go for short and direct names. It is better your name ideas fall under a two to four-word name category because anything asides that become too cumbersome for people to read or even type. Complex names cause confusion to readers.

Note: the shorter the name, the easier it is for people to remember and memorize.

Should Highlight your brand

Your YouTube name is what people see before clicking on your channel as a result, it can say a lot about your brand if chosen rightly. By simply including keywords that are relevant to your niche, you are signaling your brand’s identity and also capturing the attention of those interested in your niche. For example, if you see a YouTube channel with the name “FitnessFreaks” you already have an idea what the page is all about.

The practicality of the name

Is it a name that can be easily abbreviated or communicated. When you want to say the name, does it flow smoothly in your mouth or not. Remember you’ll be saying the name a lot to your viewers, therefore it has to be a name you can easily pronounce. You can’t just assume your viewers will know how to spell or pronounce it.

Take, for instance, Gary Vaynerchuk, he knows his last name “Vaynerchuk” will be difficult for some people to spell or even pronounce. He simply abbreviated it to “Vee” making his YouTube channel name “GaryVee”.

Availability of the name

You won’t want the names you generated to end up on just your book or spreadsheet, therefore, you have to check if the names have not been taken by another YouTuber. Type it out on Google and YouTube to see if someone else is not already using the name. Nevertheless, you have to think about your brand in totality and not just on YouTube.

Therefore, check other social media platforms to see if they are available as well. The higher the number of social media platforms that your name is available on, the better for you. It will help to create consistency and uniformity everywhere.

You can also use the Namechk app to see the platforms in which your name has been taken and the places where they are available.

Don’t be too specific

Finally, don’t get too specific with your channel name choice, but give room for development. Choose a name that can cover any topic under your niche without you sounding awkward. Don’t restrict yourself with your name. Let your creativity run free without being restricted by any rules.

I hope you now understand why a YouTube channel name is important and how to create them. Run wild with these steps and generate a mind-blowing YouTube channel name.

Don’t forget to check to my other blog posts for great vlogging tips.

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