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Useful Information to know about Youtube Adsense

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Are you wondering how to make a lil bit of money from your YouTube videos or how to make a living out of it by making your hobby produce a steady stream of income for you using the YouTube Adsense?

Then you are on the right page. Simply relax your mind as I take you through the world of YouTube monetization.

Adsense is a popular advertising network owned by Google which allows both small, medium and even large scale YouTubers make money off of their YouTube videos (when done correctly). It is an advertising platform which possesses a high CPM rate and at the same time allows publishers to display Google’s CPM ads on their channel.

Adding Adsense to your YouTube videos is one of the easiest and simplest way of making money on YouTube irrespective of you being tech-savvy or not and the best part is, it’s completely free.

Another benefit is, Google Adsense comes with support tools that can be customized to suit users preference and style. Its features also include different font colors and font size plus background choice.

Note: For you to be accepted by Adsense, you need 4,000 watch time and 1,000 subscribers.

Getting Started

  1. Firstly, login to your YouTube channel and go to your YouTube creator studio dashboard by clicking on the creator studio icon.

2. From your creator studio dashboard, go to channel and click on monetization. At this point, you’ll see an option whether to enable monetization or not. Click on the enable button. You’ll be referred to a complete monetization agreement which you’ll have to consent to by agreeing to the terms and conditions.

Halt now…

Before you proceed to the next step, ensure your account has been verified and is in good standing. Getting verified involves associating your phone number with your YouTube account. If you’ve been verified, you’ll be able to see your channel status as partner verified. Verification takes nothing less than a day or two. After verification, you can now move to the next stage.

3. Once you’ve enabled monetization and filled in its agreement form, you’ll see a dollar sign on a green box next to the videos that are eligible for monetization.

4. Next, you’ll have to link an Adsense account your YouTube channel. Setting up a new Adsense account is completely free. All you’ll need is either a PayPal or a bank account and a valid email address to help Adsense verify your account. You’ll get a notification message once your account has been verified. However, ensure the information you provide is up to date and accurate.

5. Lastly, choose the ad format type you like and then save the changes.

NOTE: You must be 18 and above for you to be able to apply for YouTube Adsense. However, if you are 18 and below, you can ask your parent or guardian to help you register.


How Adsense works on your YouTube videos

Although Adsense works in different ways, the general feature is, when someone clicks on the ad displaying on your YouTube channel videos, you get paid and the amount you get is usually determined by the numbers. CPC – cost per click. The higher the cost per click, the higher your revenue.

Your ads revenue is mostly based on impression, that is, an advertiser pays for every thousand visitors that views its ad using the Adwords program. You as the publishers receive 68% of the revenue and Google receives 32%. For example, if an advertiser pays $10 for a click, then $6.8 goes to you as the publisher while $3.2 goes Google.

If your application is accepted, your Adsense account will be fully activated. The red bar across your account will disappear and you’ll begin to see live ads within a few minutes.

However, if you are not accepted, you’ll get an email giving you reasons why your application was not accepted and possibly the next step you can take.

But don’t worry if your application is rejected, you can always reapply after resolving your rejection issues.


How to withdraw funds from your YouTube Adsense account

Once you’ve earned up to $10, Google will send you a code to verify your Google Adsense account. Enter your received code, and your account will become fully verified. The minimum withdrawal limit on AdSense is $100. Once Google finalizes your payment, you can receive your payment through your PayPal or bank account.


Ad formats for YouTube Adsense

youtube adsense format

Although Adsense will take care of all the technicalities involved in becoming an Adsense user, it is still important to know the different types of ad formats available for you to chose from

Sidebar Advertisement display

This is a type of ad format that appears on the right sidebar when your video is being watched on either a desktop computer or laptop. It is usually shown to viewers in a 350*250 or 300*60 size unit. However, it is important to note that you’ll not be making any money on YouTube if your videos are being viewed from a mobile device because this ad format is only designed for computer and laptop users.

Overlay Advertisement Display

Have you ever seen a rectangular type ad fade into the video while watching a YouTube video? That’s an overlay ad display. It usually appears at the bottom area of the video being viewed, and it is shown to laptop and desktop users only.

It mostly comes in 468*60 or 720*90 size unit and it’s viewed as a text imaged by viewers. Viewers can also close the ad if they are not interested in it.

Skippable Video Ads

The skippable video ad format is shown in fullscreen as a Trueview video and can be skipped by viewers after five seconds. The video is played to viewers at a time length specified by the advertising agency in charge. The best part about this ad format is, It is viewable by mobile devices, laptop, desktop, and even game console.

As a YouTuber, you have the option of choosing whether the video will be played within the content or not, and it can be anywhere from the beginning of the video or the end. I will recommend you insert it at the very beginning of your videos. With this type of ad, the majority of your views can be monetized.

Non-skippable video ad

This is another kind of ad format that can be enabled within video contents (either at the beginning or the end of the video) after meeting certain requirements and It is also viewable on a laptop, desktop, and mobile devices as well.

However, you need to be very careful with this kind of ad format when set at pre-roll (before your video plays) because not everyone will have the patience to watch the video till the end and this will decrease your watch time and view count greatly. My best advice is to stick with the skippable video ad format.

YouTube sponsorship card

Another monetization format is using the YouTube sponsorship cards which is similar to the YouTube cards feature.

With this ad format, a teaser text will appear at the top right corner of your video for your viewers to see, and if clicked, they’ll see an interactive card containing contents that may be relevant to something being discussed in your video. It can be viewed on a laptop, desktop, and mobile devices.

Remember as you start enabling these different types of ad formats available to you as a YouTuber using Google Adsense, ensure to keep viewer’s experience in mind. Fine tune your ads to avoid viewers leaving your channel from frustration caused by the ads.

In simple terms, place yourself in the shoes of your viewers, (would you like to log on to a YouTube channel to watch ads all day long? Of course not. So, don’t do things that are detrimental to your channels growth and development



Other stuff to keep in mind about YouTube Adsense

Now, you shouldn’t just rush into registering Adsense to your YouTube videos but understanding some necessary essentials to have in place so as not to get rejected by Google.

  1. Original, Rich and Quality Contents

I wish I could scream this into your ears but sadly I can’t. Adsense loves original and rich content websites that do not violate its policies and guidelines. Contents that boast of quality and not just quantity. Therefore, your YouTube video content must be rich, original and owned by you.

Always try to include few texts in your video so as to help the Adsense crawler understand what your video is all about. Quality content is the life wire of any YouTube channel and is also the root of being accepted by Google Adsense.

Publishing other people’s content will get you banned because Google is liable to its advertisers and wouldn’t want the money advertisers pay to appear on low-quality sites.

  1. Post regularly!!!!

If you post videos sparingly, your audience can easily forget all about you and your channel which will cause a decline in watch time. Endeavor to post at least one video a week. Keep your audience occupied and while you do that, your channel’s viewing will increase, giving you the chance of increasing your watch time and being accepted.

With your vast circle of subscribers and viewers, you can now monetize your videos because you’ve got a steady audience that can view these ads placed on your videos

  1. Traffic is required

Ensure you have a good amount of traffic coming to your page before applying for Adsense because the amount of traffic you have, will determine your total earnings. Earnings on click and click through rate (CTR). I’ll advise you to run Adsense on your YouTube channel when you start getting a massive amount of unique visitors.

Remember, the more targeted traffic you have on your channel, the more money you will make through Adsense.

  1. Don’t be shy

Share your videos on other social media platforms. Remember you need 4,000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers to start making money with Adsense, therefore sharing your videos on other social media pages is the best bet to go about achieving this major Adsense requirement.

  1. Understand the power of Analytics

Analytics is basically those feedbacks that come with the comments to help you learn which topic resonates most with your audience.

Pay close attention to the numbers you see and study the graphs properly. They can tell you all the basics you need to know about your viewers and subscribers, giving you ideas on how to improve.

Check your analytics as often as possible, because it is a factor that can also determine the overall growth or failure of your YouTube channel.

  1. Adhere fully to Adsense rules and policies

A quarter of Google’s revenue is gotten from Adsense and as a result, adherence to rules and policies are taken strictly. Ensure to play by their rules completely or else you stand the chance of losing your account.

Even as a new Adsense user, endeavor to read the terms and conditions guiding the Adsense platform before applying for it.

Don’t even think of trying to trick the platform because you will be caught and banned. Their expert team of workers is placed to filter out people who do not comply with their rules and policies.

  1. Have a purposeful YouTube channel

Don’t just create a YouTube channel for the sole purpose of Adsense but for sharing out useful contents. Allow your YouTube channel to grow with a lot of traffic and visitors. It will be sheer folly to create a YouTube channel that publishes mediocre contents just to get organic visits and run Adsense.



If you want to build a long term business on YouTube using YouTube adverts, it is therefore important to add Google Adsense to your YouTube videos in order to help you generate cool cash.

But don’t rely solely on YouTube Adsense, apply to other advertisement platforms that can help you monetize your videos so as to help you get multiple streams of income.

Now, go out there and make some cool cash. See ya next time

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