What Vloggers Can Learn From Traditional Bloggers

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Blogging is a tool popularly used by brands and businesses to establish their authority, pass across information, and attract new customers to their website. But with the advancement in technology and mobile viewing came the invention of a better and easier way of passing across these ideas to a more wider audience known as video blogging (popularly known as vlogging).

Vlogging is more or less a subsidiary of Blogging. It grew in prominence at the introduction of YouTube into the social media mainstream and also the fact that some ideas are better passed through video display than in writing. As a result, people have begun moving from the traditional form of documenting ideas and information in a purely written form (blogging) to video logging themselves, showcasing their creativity and idea. Every bits and piece of ideas they have been converted into video format. YouTube has also greatly aided vloggers in expressing themselves.

Although YouTube Vlogging has grown in popularity over the years and has seen a vast increase in users, many YouTube vloggers still don’t know that they can learn a lot from traditional bloggers. They believe the act of video logging is a self-made activity that does not need any form of tutoring from its predecessor; traditional blogging. Well, that is an entirely wrong notion because modern day vloggers can learn from the array of knowledge and ideas filled in traditional blogging.

Anyways, because we love you and want nothing but the best for you as a vlogger, we’ve taken out our time to research on those important things you can learn from traditional bloggers.

A Healthy Mix of Curated and Original Contents

What Vloggers Can Learn From Traditional Bloggers

Placed on the pedestal of being perfect information disseminators, traditional bloggers are forced to produce contents of high quality. For a particular topic, a variety of sources are visited for information. Contents are properly handpicked and curated to fit its headline because value and integrity is the watchword.

Traditional bloggers who have carved a recognizable niche for themselves in the blogging world are seen as credible go-to sources because they clearly understand the Why, When and How’s of content publishing. This understanding helped them grow in a line of business that was just gaining popularity.

Also as vlogger, you can’t have all the information you need in your head which is why the act of curating contents is allowed. Ensure you search for contents from reliable sources that fit into the topic you are addressing and your audience’s interests. Nevertheless, because everyone is speaking on that particular topic doesn’t mean you should join the bandwagon at all times. Originality should also be an important aspect of your vlog posts.

It is better to be the lone wolf with a credible and reliable content sharing activity than being the loudest voice in the congregation of rumor mongers and false news distributors. It kills your importance and worthiness to your audience. Yes, being a lone wolf might seem like the slowest means of getting an audience base, it will, however, help you get a community of committed and life long audience base in the long run. Therefore as a vlogger, it is important to have a healthy mix of both original and curated contents.

Personalizing your content and Brand

To traditional bloggers, blogs posts often times serve as a personal diary entry.  They sometimes use their blogs as platforms for putting down their grievances, aspirations and creative ideas to readers. Readers always know what to expect whenever they log in to these various blog sites. To a large extent, readers could sense a blogger’s opinion and stance on a topic through the blog post and this added more spice to the reading spree.

Adding a bit of personality to your vlog posts and brand is another viable step to emulate from the traditional bloggers. According to research, vlogs are the most personality-driven type of video. Therefore, make your audience understand your topic through a personalized voice and stance. And this will evoke diverse kinds of emotions In your users. Through the tone of your voice, facial expressions, and even background music, your viewer’s emotions can become glued to your channel.

Your vlog posts shouldn’t just be about getting clouts but being there for the betterment and development of your audience’s needs and interest. Let your contents and brand speak to them. For instance, a beauty vlogger, talking about beauty procedures or products he or she has tested or is currently testing is far better than talking about an idea he or she feels might trend or help gain more viewers. Let your contents and brand speak experience rather than hearsay. Allow your viewers relate to you on a personal level through your vlogs.

Always give credence to your vlog source(s) if copied

Plagiarism is a form of Intellectual theft which is seen as a serious offense in the writing world and any writer who plagiarises the work of another writer without reference is often seen as a fraud. Because of this, traditional bloggers made it a point of duty to avoid plagiarising another writer work because it could ruin their writing career and credibility. Therefore, traditional bloggers always ensured to reference an article or writer(s) they copy because the intellectual property of a writer is unique and owned by the writer only.

However, you might say yeah yeah Vlogging is an entirely different ball game because it entails video logging yourself, idea or event and copying other vloggers shouldn’t be a cause for issue.

Well, I’m sorry to say, but it is. Since no two people can tell an idea, showcase an event or even a creative work in the same way or manner if it has not been copied, then you as a vlogger cannot do that.

Yeah, you might be thinking in your mind right now;

“how about if I got the idea from another vlogger or it’s a trending topic which has almost been saturated”

I’ll specifically tell you that;

You can work on ideas from other vloggers or speak on a trending topic but with a difference. You first of all have to understand the topic or idea and then translate it into your own voice by adding a different kind of vibe and sensation to it. Your added vibe provides a unique touch to an already over-saturated topic making it seem different from others.

Segment your very long vlog post into understandable bits and pieces

Rather than put out a very long write up under a blog post, many traditional bloggers carried out what is known as Microblogging. They segmented their long write-ups into understandable bits and pieces to capture the interest of their readers, and have them coming back for more. They segmented them in such a way that each subtopic aligned with the next. This also helped to increase the number of contents they produced in the long run. They clearly understood that no one would sit through a 20-page blog post in one sitting.

Because almost 95% of the people in the world, today prefer watching YouTube than surfing through television channels doesn’t mean they would likely sit through a very lengthy video. Instead of posting your lengthy video at once, cut them into interesting bits. This will strike a hunger and need to know what happens next in the minds of your audience. However, if you have a way of reducing the length of your video by avoiding unnecessary contents, that will be greatly preferable. Therefore, judging from the studies that say that an average internet user has an attention span of two to four minutes when watching a video, make sure you go straight to the point or segment your videos into interesting bits and pieces.  

Understanding the Rudiment of a masterpiece Vlog content

Typically renowned traditional bloggers take their writing through five important stages before posting it up online. These stages include; brainstorming, pre-writing, writing, editing and finally proofreading. These steps were religiously followed in order to avoid publishing mediocre contents. These five important stages helped them to produce a written masterpiece because it resulted in write-ups that had little or no errors at all. Making their works pleasant to the eyes and bringing about new subscribers.

Being a vlogger, editing is an important hallmark for quality video production. The best part is, you don’t need overly expensive editing gears such as high tech cameras, microphones, and the rest. Advancement in video making technology has made it possible for an average person to create videos of themselves or activities without the aid of experts (almost anyone can create a vlog using a smartphone camera or webcam and upload on YouTube).

However, there is an important need for video editing tools. These tools help to make your videos stand out and suitable for doing paid advertisements. With the aid of video editing tools such as Promo, you can easily edit your videos for free using its different features.

Get a post schedule calendar

In order to keep up with their audience’s needs and hunger for contents, traditional bloggers stuck to scheduling their writings using both online and offline calendar schedulers. These various calendars were used to map out publishing date and times for various types of contents. Bloggers were able to know their posting time frames based on audience needs.

However, thanks to the advancement in technology, we now have various types of scheduling tools you can use as a vlogger. You no longer need to start jotting your schedules on your physical calendars but simply use tools like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule your activities. All you have to do is simply register on any of these platforms, arrange your vlogs on the days and time you deem fit and schedule them to post at the time you already assigned. It’s really that simple

Types of videos

Just like we have different types of writings so are there different types of videos. Different types of videos and formats you can create to engage your audience and they include; vlogs, culture videos, interview videos, webinars “web-based seminar” and live stream videos. Understanding the features of these different types of video formats, you can decide which one best fits your niche and audience need.

Interact with your online communities

Your online community is more or less your world because they provide insights into the depths of your vlog posts and tracking abilities. That is, are they reaching your targeted audience or not. Therefore leaving them in the loop without interaction shows you to be an unconcerned vlogger. Engage your audience interactively. Remember they tuned into your Vlog because they feel they can relate to you on a personal level. Therefore, do not disappoint them.

Although vlogging is an evolution from blogging, studies have shown that people are more likely to engage with a video more than a blog post. Also, according to data analysis from Facebook, approximately 65% of all its viewers from facebook watch more than 75% of a videos content and that’s significantly more than the percentage of people who read an entire blog post.

Vlogging is a type of blogging that has been developed with the aid of video making technology however vloggers can still learn from traditional bloggers.


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