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10 Important Things a YouTube Vlogging Camera should have

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You might already have those great contents and picture ideas you believe will blow up the YouTube space and its viewers, but you are probably wondering how to bring those dream ideas into reality. Then, a good quality vlogging camera is your best bet in actualizing those dream because it is what will project your ideas to the world.

However, with the current high influx of different camera brands, technologies, and types claiming to be the best in the market today, you might probably be in a fix on which camera to buy.

Well, worry no more because this post will help solve that problem.


Now before you run off to the store to shop for a camera, simply take a chill pill and go through this post as i show you those 10 things a good YouTube camera is supposed to have.

These tips will help narrow down your camera search by showing you those important features a good vlogging camera is supposed to have in order to help you avoid any wasteful and unnecessary spending.

Now grab a seat and a pen, while I take you through this important camera learning curve.

Let’s jump right into it.



As a vlogger, you are bound to record under impulse and certain unfavorable lighting condition. You need a camera that functions optimally under low light condition. Therefore, the number 1 feature for you to look out for is a camera with great low light performance.

This feature should hold great importance to you as a vlogger because you might not always be able to go around with an external lightning gear which in turn will make you miss out on making some cool videos under poor light condition.

The best part is, this feature does not only come in handy when you are filming outside but when you are filming around indoor environments as well. Also, know that a camera that doesn’t perform well under low light condition will reduce the frames per second causing image noise.



The sensor is a light recording system found in a camera. That is the system that captures light into the camera when in use. Although every camera can boast of a sensor, only a few can boast of a big sensor and as a vlogger, you will need a camera with a big sensor.

The bigger the size of the sensor, the better for you because it will be able to capture more light which is what you need as a vlogger for quality videos.

In simple terms; bigger sensor size = more light capture = high-quality picture display.

However, sensor size is solely dependent on the type of camera. Camcorders are known to have the smallest sensor size followed by some compact cameras which makes them unfavorable for vlogging under low light. On the other hand, DSLR cameras have the second biggest sensors while high-end DSLR cameras and full frame cameras have the largest sensors.

In general, there are three popular types of sensors known as the full frame sensor, APS-C sensor, and the micro four-thirds sensor. So, when comparing different camera brands and types, ensure to compare the sensor size.



Just like the pupil controls the amount of light your eyes take in so does the aperture in a camera’s lens control the amount of light received by a camera’s film or sensor.

Therefore, a wide lens aperture is another important feature a vlogging camera is supposed to have because it helps to capture more light. A wide lens aperture also helps in improving the aesthetic quality of your vlogs while giving you the option of being able to create a blurred background effect for your videos.

Most top quality 50mm lens usually has an aperture of f/1.8 due to the high lens size. But simply know that the higher the lens number the narrower the aperture.


4. ISO

ISO is simply a camera’s sensitivity to light. Depending on the amount of light, the camera continually lifts up it’s ISO number till the object in its view becomes clear enough. In simple terms, the ISO helps to balance the image in a camera’s view.

However, the higher the ISO number, the higher the possibility of showing noise. This noise is usually more obvious in a video because they end up appearing like moving grains. Which is why the low light performance of a camera should be the first thing you check when buying a camera because when the lighting decreases, the ISO increases its number in order to capture the picture efficiently.

Therefore you should check how the camera’s ISO function under low light. But know this is a very tricky feature that is usually not specified on the camera but can only be seen when the camera is tested. So, be sure to check and test the camera.



Thanks to modernity, every camera now comes with a video resolution indicated on either the body of the camera or its manual. You might see something like 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, or even 4K resolution inscribed on the manual or body of the camera. These numbers indicate the number of horizontal lines a video display will posses from top to bottom.

You should know that 360p resolution is often seen in the camera of smartphones and usually not clear on large screens. While on the other hand, the 480p resolution is suitable for DVDs but will show well on laptops, smaller televisions and desktop monitors.

However, as a vlogger, you need a camera with high video resolution therefore, cameras with 720p resolution upward is your perfect bet for a high image resolution. But I would suggest you go for cameras with 1080p or 4k video resolution. Their image resolution is usually High Definition (HD) making your videos crisp, clear and beautiful.



A camera with Wi-Fi saves you a whole lot of stress and editing time. Rather than having to spend countless hours editing your videos on your camera, you can simply connect your camera to your PC or smartphone and edit your videos from there.

You can also upload your videos directly from your camera to your YouTube channel rather than having to use a USB cable. Although almost all YouTube cameras available today now have a built-in Wi-Fi feature, you still have to confirm this amongst its features.



Being a YouTube vlogger, you would definitely be making a lot of videos that require you looking at the camera. Therefore, a camera with an articulating screen; flip screen, adjustable screen, or hinged screen, will allow you to watch yourself while making your videos which in turn helps you see your errors and flaws.



Microphone | Vlogging Camera

Your goal for being a vlogger on YouTube is to showcase your talent and opinions to your audience using a good picture and sound quality as well. Therefore, you should look for a camera with good quality inbuilt microphone. A microphone that captures your voice clearly.

The camera you intend buying should also have a port for external microphone input so as to help you upgrade easily when necessary. Although most compact cameras don’t come with an inbuilt microphone you can always use an external microphone recorder or a USB microphone.

Another important thing to check is where the microphone is located on the camera; at the side or at the front.

if the mic is located on the side of the camera, it might prove a little bit frustrating to use because you would always have to ensure your hands are not touching or covering the mic while recording, making your work even more tedious.

As a vlogger, I believe the best type of camera mic you need is the front facing camera because it picks up everything you say while making your videos and you won’t worry about mistakingly covering it since its right in front of you.

Now, to know if a camera has a front facing microphone feature, try locating one or two small holes on the surface of the camera. Nevertheless, know that you can still buy a camera with the side mic feature s long as you can calmly understand how to navigate your way.



Optical image stabilization (OIS) is also important to you as a vlogger. It helps you record your videos while on the move. With OIS in your camera, you won’t have a shaky image display which can be quite tiring for people to watch.

At this point, be wary of the so-called digital image stabilization because it doesn’t stabilize the image as it claims. It’s just a marketing scam. Ensure you look out for OIS or 5-axis image stabilization in any camera you intend to buy.

Note: Although many DSLR and mirrorless cameras do not come with internal optical image stabilization (OIS) capability, that shouldn’t deter you from buying them. This is because there are many external lenses that have OIS in them which you can attach to your camera easily.

But know that these lenses are pretty expensive but completely necessary for you as a vlogger.



This is a feature that is greatly dependent on the kind of vlogging you plan on doing. As a vlogger you might probably be on the move 24/7, therefore, you will need to consider a camera that is portable and easy to carry around.

You wouldn’t want to miss out on an important event because your camera was too heavy for you to carry around at that time. So, ensure to check and test the weight of the camera before buying.

Giving credence to the modern day advancement in technology, you can see another very small portable camera just like the Canon PowerShot G7 which is packed with great vlogging features and benefits as well.

Now you’ve seen those important features a vlogging camera is meant to have, you can simply check our detailed post on the 12 best vlogging cameras for YouTube and make your choice from amongst them.

Now calm down…

There are also some features you should not concern yourself with when searching for a good vlogging camera.


11. Megapixels

The megapixels of a camera is the major concern of a photographer because the higher the megapixel, the higher the quality of a picture. But since you will be vlogging with the camera instead, you shouldn’t worry your head about this feature.



Cleaning kits

Having a cleaning kit come with your camera is usually a difficult task but a necessary one. A cleaning kit will help to ensure that your camera is always cleaned after use to avoid quick depreciation of the body parts as a result of harsh weather condition.

Even though you can’t get a complete package of a camera plus cleaning kit, you can always buy a good one off of Amazon at very reasonable prices.

Memory space

Judging from the fact you’ll be producing a lot of videos for your YouTube channel, it is therefore important to buy a camera with adequate internal storage space. This storage space will act as a reservoir bank for your video contents.

But you can always buy a good memory card from Amazon. Amazon has a collection of different size and budget to fit any pocket size.

Disclaimer: note that this list is a guide and not a compulsory camera must-haves. We just want you to be guided in your purchase.

Don’t forget to drop your comments and also check how other posts as well. Have a nice day.

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