Social Media Tips for Vloggers

Useful Social Media Tips for Vloggers

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We all know that the bulk of the social media world is like a global market with its unique trends and dynamics; a place where people showcase their creativity to a large audience.

As a result, video blogging also known as Vlogging has grown in popularity over the years owing to its versatile and entertaining features. It is more or less like the reigning deal in the social media world today. This is so because there are many ideas and contents that can only be passed through video demonstration for easier understanding.

With this trend, one can clearly say that video blogging is fast becoming a dominant means of communication and consumption across all social media platforms in the world today.

All thanks to technology and regular system updates, almost all social media platforms now give vloggers the chance to express themselves irrespective of whatever their niche market might be. However, some vloggers do not really understand how to make use of social media to the advantage of their businesses and as a result, we are going to dive into giving you those useful social media tips to help you grow.

Be Creative

As a vlogger, it is important to understand the best marketing strategy that will work for the different platforms you are subscribed to because the method you used for Facebook might not be applicable to Instagram.

Your goal is to ensure your audience doesn’t get bored of the contents you post, it is pertinent that you do not make the mistake of posting contents that promote only your products or services and thereby forget to provide valuable information to your audience.

However, if you are a facebook or twitter vlogger, you can try using the ABC strategy in posting content. The Acronym describes the three kinds of content you must post on your page if you want to obtain the maximum amount of engagement on your page.

A- refers to contents related to your business while

B- refers to industry related content and

C- refers to non-industry related and interesting content. Therefore, for every post related to your vlog, you should have at least three posts that provide value to your audience.


Incorporate the Use of Social Media Tools

Social media tools are tools that help to make your Vlogging job a lot easier and interesting; tools such as Hootsuite, Alltop, Buffer, BuzzSumo and many more.

For instance, Alltop is a content aggregating site where you can discover the latest stories from the best and reliable sites that cover the stories. Alltop helps you find trending topics for your page. With Alltop, you can search for any trending topic irrespective of your niche.

Hootsuite on the other hand, allows you to schedule your posts ahead of time and share it on different platforms. It helps you post your content at the right time and across multiple social media accounts simultaneously.

With Hootsuite, you can be certain that your content will reach your audience at the time when they are most active online.

Buffer which is also another variant of Hootsuite offers you the option of choosing from the two.

Hence, incorporating these various tools into your Vlogging activity will help save you lots of unnecessarily wasted strengths. Nevertheless, ensure to check the credibility of each source tool you use so as to reduce the likelihood of posting contents with false information.


Always use captions

Studies have shown that posts with irresistible captions attract more engagement than non-captioned posts because they are usually the first thing people see before deciding to click on your page.

Captions help your audience to understand and appreciate the content of your post by providing a narrative and a call to action on your content. Your captions should be between 50 – 100 characters long with an impressive use of language to get a click on your page. Use concise but compelling language and avoid vague or misleading “click bait” captions.

You can also try adding questions into your caption sometimes; questions related to your product, audience, and brand in total.

Using funny but relevant captions is another excellent way of engaging your audience when you post a video. You can also attach hashtags such as #captionthis #videocaption to boost the performance of your vlog through the caption.


Engage Your Audience

As a vlogger, it is important for you to sometimes engage your audience in a Question and Answer session. Aside from producing engaging and mind-boggling contents, your audience still has to be engaged in the comment section.

Let them share their opinion on what they feel about your vlog and things they might like you to change.

Sometimes, you can open the floor for them to suggest a topic they would want you to speak on or an activity they would like you to perform at a particular place or time. Because your audience is the life wire of your brand, treating them like the most important aspect of your business life will go a long way in making your Vlogging brand, a force to be reckoned with.


Respond to Comments

Many vloggers spend a lot of hours posting contents while neglecting other important aspects such as responding to your audience’s comments. Responding to people who comment on your page helps them to feel appreciated, increases their loyalty base and the likelihood that they will heed to your various calls to action.

Regardless, of your mood or temper, if any of your users ask you a question, respond to it nicely. If you receive a note of praise on your page, thank the person then create an exceptional customer service experience. However, if you receive a negative comment, respond nicely by asking how you can improve the overall experience of your audience.

No matter what a fan says to you, ensure to make an effort to engage with them nicely. Failing to reply can potentially backfire or cause you to lose fans. Ensure you respond to all comments within 24 hours time frame but on some rare cases, you can avoid not responding at all.

Always try to be polite when answering a users query or comments because they might have had misinterpreted notions and not realize they have made an error and because your response is public, responding impolitely or not responding at all can allow the users’ misconception spread and escalate. In most cases, try to take a passive stance rather than an emotional one.


Hashtags are for Tweets

Social Media Tips for Vloggers

Hashtags are used to index topics or keywords in order to help them show more easily in the Twitter search result. Hashtags allow for easy accessibility, recognition, and identification of users posts.

As a vlogger, incorporating the use of hashtags on your twitter page will help increase your social media presence. Another added benefit of hashtags is, peradventure your hashtagged words become very popular, they usually turn into hot topics and trending online sensation. You automatically receive unpaid publicity and traffic.

Also, if you notice that certain hashtags you use to generate more buzz than others, endeavor to use them more and attach them on the majority of your vlogs. This can help increase your follower count over time.

Although Twitter doesn’t place a limit to the number of Hashtags you can use, that, however, doesn’t mean you are allowed overuse it. The best tool for you to use in finding relevant and popular hashtags for your tweet is


Offer Incentives

No one would like to spend his or her time carrying out an unappreciated task. Hence, try as much as possible to reward the hard work of your fans.

When they carry out a certain task, Make them feel important and appreciated by giving out incentives or gifts. These gifts can come in any form; be it money, audience base increase for newbies, a product price slash or links to business and product pages.

Most people believe that Instagram is the only social media for freebies well that’s wrong because as long as you’ve got an audience base on any social media platform, they are entitled to some kind of incentive.


LinkedIn; an untapped business resource

LinkedIn is now the go-to social network page for both businesses and professionals. It is a platform where industry professionals bond with their audience by sharing valuable contents.

LinkedIn isn’t like other social media sites because it offers a selective connection with people and organization in your target market. The developed business structure of the LinkedIn platform not only allows you to find customers but also gives you the chance of monitoring competitors for competitive research.

According to research, it is believed that video blogging on LinkedIn usually results in a 75% higher share rate. Also, you can post your videos directly from YouTube or embed them into your LinkedIn posts so they play as organic videos.

Therefore as a vlogger, joining the LinkedIn business world wouldn’t be a bad idea because on LinkedIn, joining the right group and actively participating in discussions can go a long way in helping you gain recognition as an authority in the field.

Optimizing your LinkedIn personal profile also helps to boost the visibility of your page and its content in the search result. You can further use the LinkedIn insight on mobile to know who’s viewing your posts and with these insights, you can know if your profile optimization brought out the desired goal. With all these, you can see that LinkedIn is an untapped social media resource.


Transcription For YouTube

You might believe as a vlogger, you really do not need to have any form of explanatory writings attached to your video posts since the video and captions speak for themselves. Well, that’s entirely wrong.

Every of your post needs not only a caption but some level of transcription. A detailed explanation of the video’s integral content.

For instance, you are a makeup vlogger on YouTube, you can not just post a video of you having a face beat session without adding a detailed written explanation of the processes and cosmetics you used; in case your audience prefers to read more than watch or for convenience sake in general.

Sometimes, the video playback might be too fast for your audience to pick the name of most items you used therefore, the written aspect substitutes for such issue.

However, you have to determine the amount of writing your blog post needs before posting, however, almost all blog post requires some amount of writing. To post writings on your videos, you can either use Medium or WordPress to carry out such a task.


Be Consistent

As the brand that you already are, and based on your content availability, it is important to decide the kind of Vlogger you are. That is, are you a daily vlogger, weekly vlogger or activity vlogger.

Choosing a time frame for content delivery and sticking to it is a very important marketing strategy. It not only helps grow your brand but also gives your audience the chance of keeping up with you consistently.

For instance, you are an event vlogger who posts informative and entertaining events every 7 pm, this will help your audience to know when to tune in to your page in order not to miss anything.


Now you have it all, just like I promised you. The social media world is a space that can be covered by anybody. Therefore, tap into this world of undiluted resources and improve your vlogging business.. With the different tips highlighted in this posts, you’ll have nothing to regret if followed religiously and you’ll also smile to the bank at the end of the day. See Y’all on the fleek side of life.

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