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How to start a Youtube Channel for Beginners

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If you are thinking of how to start a YouTube channel and probably wondering the steps to take as a beginner. You are on the right page. First of all, I’ll like you to relax your mind cos starting a YouTube channel isn’t really rocket science so long as you understand the steps to take as a beginner.

Now, let’s dig in.

Step 1: Choose a Niche for your YouTube Channel

Choosing a niche for your YouTube channel is a very important aspect of starting a YouTube channel cos your niche serves as a foundation for the growth of your YouTube channel.

It also helps you know who your audience is, and how to tailor your contents to suits them. However, it isn’t just about picking any random niche. There are some important questions to answer before you finally decide on the niche that best suits your business idea.

What is the YouTube channel going to be about?

Will it be about showcasing your creativity, promoting people’s business/ brand, sharing a hobby or skill, affiliate marketing, selling products or being an influencer?

Do you have a hardcore passion regarding the niche?

That is, do the topics under the niche interest you easily.

Can you come up with daily contents regarding your proposed niche without getting bored and frustrated?

Your audience will definitely sense a lack of excitement once you start exhibiting one.

How’s the demand for the topic?

Is it a niche that is being searched for or not? You can use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner or Google Trends to find out how much traction your niche is getting. It will also help in determining what the competition base looks like. From there you can determine if it’s a healthy competition in which you can have a breakthrough or not.

Look at other YouTubers in the same niche you want to pick. Check what their contents are and how they engage their audience. Read the comment section for clarity on viewers opinion about them and why they watch them.

With all these, you’ll know what the lapses in the niche are and how you can cover them. Because it is only when you find an untapped goldmine in an already saturated market can you stand out as being unique?

Now to the best part, YouTube gives you a variety of profitable and popular niches to pick from and they include;

  • How to videos
  • Travels and Tours
  • Motivational videos
  • Food
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Hair
  • Weight loss and healthy living
  • Product review
  • Gaming
  • Tutorials
  • Tech
  • Kiddies stories
  • Vlog
  • Funny videos/ skits

Step 2: Choose your YouTube Channel Name

The name you choose for your YouTube channel is extremely important because it is what your audience will associate you with.

A wrong name can sabotage your image in the long run. Take as an example “Verauneekah123” isn’t that pretty lame? This is a name that speaks nothing about the content of the channel and will most definitely confuse viewers.

As a result, your YouTube channel name has to speak the core message about your channel’s content and image.

Ensure the name is short, readable, easy to remember and relevant to your content. But if you are stuck on how to generate a YouTube channel name, try doing a bit of wordplay using rhyme words that describe your content.

Write these words down and pick the one that best fits your business. You can also use the Spinxo tool name generator to help you generate name ideas for your channel.


Step 3: Have your Equipment Ready

Youtube Channel for Beginners

Don’t get scared right now. You really don’t need to invest millions in buying high-tech video making gears since you are still a newbie. All you need is a decent microphone, a camera, a tripod (depending on the kind of video you will be making), adequate lighting and suitable editing software, and you are good to go. You check out our post on the best vlogging cameras.


Step 4: Create your YouTube Channel Art

Create your YouTube Channel Art

The youtube platform has been updated in the last few years with some awesome features which can help you personalize your vlog channel to match your content or niche.

A YouTube channel art is that banner display that makes your channel look cool. It’s the first impression viewers get about your channel and its content. You must make a very appealing YouTube channel art; one that speaks aesthetics and professionalism.

To make your channel look beautiful, YouTube allows you upload two types of images known as; channel art and channel icon. The channel art is the header while the channel icon is the logo.

With simple graphics designing tools at your disposal such as Adobe Photoshop, you can get your channel or hire someone on freelancing websites like Fiverr or Upwork to do this for you in just a few minutes as a very cheap rate ($5 – $25).

YouTube channel art is the first impression people get about your Youtube Channel, you have to make it friendly and appealing. Ensure that your channel’s art banner is properly sized and it’s logo is positioned strategically to avoid being missed by your audience.


Step 5: Click that Signup button

Now that you’ve gotten a YouTube channel name and decided on what niche to pitch your tent, you can now go ahead with setting up the YouTube channel. YouTube has made it pretty easy for anyone to own a YouTube channel with a couple of clicks.

  • Simply create a Google account if you don’t already have one.
  • Goto the YouTube website and fill in your required details to create a user channel.
  • Click on “My Channel” (if you want to use a different name from the default one you will get) Fill in “business or other names” with the brand name you created in the second step of this article.
  • Then click create.
  • Customize your channel by adding your freshly made YouTube channel art to make your page come alive.


Step 6: The About Section

After creating your new YouTube channel, simply move to the about section. This is more or less a bio or description about yourself and business which must be properly done.

Take your time to fill out your info properly by putting up a clear profile description. You know the description you put up is what will tell viewers whether to click on your channel or not. Describe your page using engaging keywords that are related to your niche.

After this, you can now verify your channel by clicking on the verification code sent to you via text or call and viola you’re halfway through the process of how to start your YouTube channel, there are still stuff you need to know about so keep reading.


Step 8: Practice Practice Practice!

Get in front of a camera and start talking!

It might feel weird the first time, but you get used to it with time. Don’t be in a hast to get your first Video uploaded, take your time. To become a professional Vlogger requires some effort up front.

You could start by standing in front of a mirror and talking. Look at yourself while you talk and pretend the mirror is your camera. This will help a lot in building your Vlogging style.

After you’ve practiced the mirror technique for a while, pick up a camera and start filming, more like a test run. Look into the lens while you film and then watch the video on the front end to see if there is a mistake with your posture or facial expression. Break the habit of looking down while filming a vlog.

Try these steps over and over again to help you get comfortable with the angles and movements as you film.


Step 9: Upload your Videos

Your freshly baked YouTube channel is now ready to be shown to the world through its contents. Now, simply upload your already made vlog videos and channel trailer to your page.

I’ll advise you prepare a handful of ready-made videos of your niche before even creating a YouTube channel so as to have a good flow of contents on your channel. You know as a beginner, YouTube relies heavily on adequate video content upload.


Step 10: Engaging Thumbnails and Title

Now when I say this I don’t mean using “Click baits” (Portraying the wrong information in your thumbnail just to get more viewers to click on the video), you don’t want to get your viewers hopes up and then let them down at the end of the vlog.

Engaging Thumbnails is what motivates people to click on your channel, and also become lifelong subscribers. Customize them in a compelling and beautiful manner. With every upload, you make, use an engaging thumbnail and title.


Step 11: Optimize your Videos and Description for Easy SEO

It doesn’t just end in making and uploading your videos to YouTube. Optimizing your videos is another essential aspect of growing your YouTube channel.

A good optimization of your videos will give you visibility on both Google and YouTube because your videos need to rank high for people to even find them on Google or YouTube. Use rich keywords in your video title and description to help people search for your videos easily.

You won’t want to make a video that is seen by only you, therefore, it is important to optimize your videos to get the best exposure and views.


Step 12: Connect with your Viewing Community

Your viewing community is the life source of your YouTube business, therefore, you have to connect with them. Engage them by asking and responding to questions.

Show them they are important by sometimes giving them the platform to suggest topics or ideas they would like to see you address or solve. This, in turn, makes you a thought leader and a people’s person.

Also, connecting with your audience helps to develop your network and importance in the YouTube community. It also keeps you inspired since you’ll be getting fresh opinions from different minds.


Step 13: Schedule a Favorable Working Timetable

YouTube tips for Beginners

Growing a successful YouTube channel doesn’t end in just having adequate video making equipment and contents, but a dedicated amount of time as well.

You have to dedicate a suitable amount of time for making videos and replying comments. This dedicated time frame can be used as the time in which you post your contents online as well. It will help viewers know when to expect your latest videos.


Step 14: Take your YouTube Channel to Social Media

YouTube gives you the privilege of sharing your videos across other social media platforms. Isn’t that interesting? It simply means you are killing two birds with one stone.

Producing one video but giving diverse viewing options through the different social media platforms available, and also saving cost.

Imagine the amount of money you’d have to spend if you were to produce a single video for each social media platform. Whew!! That would have been pretty stressful.


Step 15: Invest in YouTube ads

Investing in YouTube ads is another way of growing your content’s visibility. All you simply have to do is to pay for your videos to be promoted and aired on the YouTube page of those searching for contents relating to your niche. People get to see your contents even without being a member of your community. Although you’ll have to pay for it, it’ll be a worthwhile venture for your business.

However, you only do that with a hot and trendy topic in your video archive.


Step 16: Kick Negativity in the Butt

Yeah yeah I said that… Shove every form of negativity to the pit. You know you can’t please everyone in this world. Same applies to you being a YouTuber, you can’t please your entire audience. Some will hate irrespective of whatever you do or say. They will never find any of your content pleasing and would never stop to throw bad vibes at you.

You know what your comfort should be; some will also love your good works immensely. They will find them worth watching and relating to. Therefore, have no worries. So long as you are producing good contents, people will love you for your works.


Lights Camera Action!

Now that you’ve gotten the steps on how to start a YouTube channel, don’t be overwhelmed. Simply shine a bright light on these pointers I have highlighted, snap them into your mind eyes and take action.

Remember, consistency is the only step to ensuring growth or failure in any business. Therefore, keep improving your video making skills and content development. Do more extensive research on your niche and the topics you want to do before even making a video. Watch a lot of YouTube videos regarding your niche as well. Send negativity packing and do you beautifully.

I’m really happy you took out time to read this blog post. Its time for you to stop procrastinating and Start your Youtube Channel Today!

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