How you can grow your new YouTube channel in 2019

How you can grow your new YouTube channel in 2019

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YouTube is a channel that has more  views and popularity than any television network in the world today. Over a billion people visit YouTube at almost every hour of the day. It is no wonder it is regarded as the second largest search engine in the world. Although there are many other video sites, none can match the massive content display and ubiquitous nature of YouTube.

YouTube’s evolution and introduction of YouTube Vlogging into the social media space has further skyrocketed its value to the world. It has made it easy for virtually everybody and anybody to become a vlogger with little or no knowledge on the technicalities of YouTube. However, not every new vlogger knows the right steps to take to help grow their newly created YouTube channel.

Therefore, if you want to know the right steps to take in growing your YouTube channel in order to get clicks, visits, buzz and a lifelong fan base, then stay locked to this article, as we unravel the important elements and factors that govern the growth of your YouTube channel in this new year. Understanding these key elements will open a huge chance of attracting an audience on YouTube and rising above the crowd.

Quality sound and video display

grow your new YouTube channel in 2019

With the current dispensation of high YouTube video influx and views, the internet is now saturated with more online videos every day. Therefore, you should consider improving the quality of your videos in 2019, so as to grow your audience base. Because producing high-quality YouTube videos will help you compete with well established and popular brand channels. A single low-quality video transmission can jeopardize your Vlogging experience and career, considering the fact that your audience can be pretty brutal in their assessment of the quality of your vlogs.

Google also reiterates this crucial importance of good quality videos on its platform by including it as a criterion for video search engine optimization. In as much as you’ll like your videos to always pop up on Google’s whenever a request is made, quality video production should be a priority. Google understands the higher the video production quality, the more viewers it will attract and the more ad revenue they will gain in the end.

Therefore, even if you’ll be using your smart phone as a video making tool, ensure it has a high definition video quality. Make use of adequate lightning condition and clear cut background during your YouTube video productions. In truth, there is nothing as beautiful as watching videos with good sounds and clear picture quality. it makes you look professional and knowledgeable in the field you are discussing on. It also helps to set your content apart from the crowd and help you rise above the noise.

Incorporate the habit of dishing out good and quality content

At this point, it is imperative to know that no matter how beautiful your video making skills might be, if you do not have great and interesting contents to share with your audience, you’ll never get that click, buzz or traffic. No one will even look at your channel twice.

Thus, in this new year, it is important to have great contents, information and clear cut demonstrations of the activities you want to share with your audience. Let them know you are good at what you do. This will not only help increase your brand awareness and expertise but marketing chances. Always have it at the back of your mind that your audiences are not robots, and they can sense mediocrity from afar. They can easily differentiate a Vlog with great contents and one with inferior contents. Therefore, do not insult their intelligence by producing inferior quality Vlogs because they will definitely know.

Express your creativity in a beautiful, intellectual and professional manner. Ensure your audience get value for their click and this will, in turn, increase your fan base and bring more exposure to your brand. With great contents, companies will begin to ballot for advertising slots on your page. They will want to associate with your brand, and this, in turn, will not only boost your expertise and publicity but send some quick money into your account in the long run. Hence, adhere to the principle of producing more quality vlog over quantity.

Be precise

Because YouTube provides the maximum length of a video to be 15 mins doesn’t mean you should make your video that long if it’s totally unnecessary. No one would love to sit through a 15 mins video that would have lasted for just 2 mins and an unnecessarily long video becomes boring. At times, too long a video makes your audience see you as being incompetent and unreliable. Always go straight to the point if necessary by avoiding irrelevant talks or jokes.

For instance, you want to show your viewers how to change a flat tire. Rather than starting with a long talk on the origin of cars, go straight to changing the tires and showing the equipment you used. It’s that simple.

Be Consistent in Producing more videos

Being consistent might seem like a dating task judging from the fact that it means dishing out new contents almost every week, well that wouldn’t be a problem if you understand how to go about it. As a vlogger, you need to understand that Vlogging simply implies creativity at its peak. Thinking outside the box is an important prerequisite for growth.

You can also collaborate with other YouTube users and companies where you can create videos for each other. The collaboration will go a long way in producing more contents for your channel and also advertisement slots for your brand. I know you might not like working with other people, it is, however, an important step you must consider if you really want to grow in this line of business. In the long run, depending on how good your collaborating skills are, you might get endorsement deals for your channel which will skyrocket your YouTube channel to the top.

Don’t just follow trends; be a creator and an expert

Yes, we all like to copy what’s working for our counterpart or mentor and imbibe into our businesses and lives. However, it is greatly dangerous if that becomes your way of life as a vlogger, it will only end up killing your uniqueness and creativity in the long run.

Video blogging is a career path that requires your unique and creative input at almost all times. It is a business world with so much competition whereby in order to be relevant and drive more traffic to your web page, you need to break boundaries and stand out. Your audience needs to identify your uniqueness even in the crowded Vlogging world. They need to know you are an expert and can solve a problem whenever they visit your page.

Engage Your Audience

Since your audience is the life wire of your page, you would not want them sleeping through your vlog or unsubscribing as a result of boredom. Therefore, ensure your contents are not only eye catching but engaging as well; enough to keep viewers glued to their gadgets.

Research on interesting topics associated with your niche, then dish out fresh and hot topics of interest to your audience. Give them something to make them keep coming back to your page and this will, in turn, bring revenue to your account.

Another interesting way of engaging your audience is by giving replies to their comments. Don’t let your audience feel like a burden to you by leaving their questions unattended to. Make them feel important cos truth be told, without them, you are nothing. You can also encourage them to drop their opinions and suggestions about different topics. Remember you are not an island of knowledge. You need other peoples opinion at times to grow.

Also, it will increase your content production because the new suggestions and ideas you get from your fans can be used in producing your next YouTube video.

Don’t be a liar

In as much as you want to click and traffic, it doesn’t mean you should start deceiving your fans. Don’t say things you are not certain about or haven’t made research on because if it turns out to be a lie, you might lose your credibility. For instance, you are beauty Vlogger, ensure to vlog about products you have tested or know a lot about. Let your audience know you for your truthfulness and expertise.

An interesting about being a truthful Vlogger is, once you are a brand known for always telling it as it is; no sugar coating or lies, you begin to get word of the mouth advertisement. People will begin to refer to your page for assistance at any slight chance. You won’t have to pay firms or marketer to help advertise your business anymore because you are now an advertising brand for yourself.

Utilize other social media platforms

The power social media to the world and businesses at large cannot be overemphasized because this is the age of social media. It is an age where a simple platform can help people chat and connect easily beyond boundaries. Social media these days, is regarded as the most powerful form of media marketing for businesses. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, LinkedIn and many more,  not only provides exposure and advertising opportunity for businesses but a long line of profit base when utilized properly.

Advertise your YouTube videos on all these other social media sites. It will broaden your Vlogging tentacles and horizon. If there are sites that do not admit a full video display, offer teasers and a link to your YouTube channel for the full video. With this, you’ll get optimum engagement on all social media platforms and also increase your YouTube fan base.

Viewers Subscription is very important

Viewers subscribing to your channel shows that you are doing something right. It shows you are providing quality content and massive engagement. Push for subscription in all your YouTube videos. Tell your audience to subscribe if they like your video because subscribing will give them that first-hand benefits to your videos. However, don’t forget to keep your already subscribed users engaged while chasing new ones. Never pay for subscribers cos that will ruin your authenticity and bring your engagement power down in the long run. Let your content’s aesthetics speak for itself.

Get your Channel branded

Branding establishes an image of you in the mind of your subscribers and influences how they see you. Make your brand name easy to pronounce and remember. Brand names with 2 or 3 syllables are much easier to understand that longer names. Your brand should have a voice that speaks your niche. For instance, if your vlog speaks to young children or the youths, make your brand youthful, simple and innovative. Know that a brand’s voice is the soul of the business.

Aside from just mere branding, make your YouTube channel description speak volume as well. Allow the pictures used on your picture display to speak about you as well too. For instance, if you are a lifestyle vlogger, make your display icon more about lifestyle activities and events in that way, before even viewing your videos, your audience already knows what they are looking at.


I hope all these will help you Grow your new YouTube channel. It lies solely on your ability to produce great contents with a good quality video display, understanding the importance of engaging your audience, the need for consistency and the power of social media. Cultivate your skills, explore topics and hold your audience in high esteem. Don’t make 2019 just a change of the calendar but a time for your business’s growth

By following these steps, you’ll definitely see the growth and development of your new YouTube channel. See ya next time.

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